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Create magnificent polls, in real time

Create beautiful polls

Chant empowers you to create beautiful polls that will engage your audience by allowing you to add images, YouTube videos and tweets to your polls

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Our easy to use interface will allow you to create a poll in a matter of seconds. All of the content you create with Chant can be added to your website or shared with your audience instantly.

Create unlimited polls
with unlimited votes

Chant allows you to create an unlimited number of polls for your site at no extra cost. Once published, there are no restrictions on the amount of votes you can receive.

Chant is fully responsive

The polls you create are fully responsive and work on all devices including desktop, mobile and tablet.

Chant is free

All of Chant's features are free to use with no hidden payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose to create either a binary poll or a multi poll from the menu. A binary poll is a poll with two selections that users can vote on, whereas a multi poll is one with three or more options. Add an image, a tweet or even a YouTube video to sit at the top of your poll. With our polls you can either add a main image, tweet or video or you can add an image to each of the choices. Add the question you would like to ask, limited to 64 characters. Add the text for your poll choices - and also images if you want. Create your poll, and you are ready to publish - or choose from our advanced poll settings by pressing the cog icon to further customise the experience.
Click the 'Add a Video' button at the top of the polling publishing tool. Paste the the Youtube link into the URL field. Once you are happy with your chosen Youtube video, press the ok button. Now you should see your chosen Youtube video sitting atop the polling publishing tool.
A group is a place where polls can be aggregated in the same module so that more polls can be voted on from the one place. For example, you may wish to group polls by topic or news event. When you add a group to your site using the embed code users can navigate between polls and vote on any or all of them. After a user votes on one poll they will be taken to the next poll in the group to have their say on that poll as well. You can modify the order of polls within your groups and add or remove polls at your discretion. Once a group has been created, you can add up to 100 polls to a group.
Adding polls to your site is easy. After you have created a poll or a group of polls you can add it to your site, by clicking the share icon and copying the embed code for use on your site. Alternatively you can add a poll or group to a placement and then use the placement's embed code to add it to your site.
Chant is fully responsive and works on all devices. Whether you are at work on on the go, Chant polls can be created anywhere you have an internet connection. Of course this means users can also vote on your polls from any device as well.
Premium features will be available in due course which will allow publishers to customise the look of their polls, get advanced reporting options and manage team accounts amongst other options Please contact us on support@getchant.com if you are interested in finding out more
Click the 'add a tweet' button at the top of the polling publishing tool. In order to add a tweet, use the Twitter link (This is the direct URL for the tweet you want to add) or use the Twitter embed code. To get the embed code follow these steps: Click the ●●● More icon located within the Tweet. From the menu that pops up, select Embed Tweet. From the pop-up box that appears, copy and paste the code provided. Once you are happy with your chosen Tweet, press the ok button. Now you should see your chosen tweet sitting atop the polling publishing tool.
A binary poll is a poll composed with two options (ie yes/no, agree/disagree). A multi poll is a poll that can have a much larger range of options. You can have up to four options if your multi-poll is going to be added to a group and you can have up to 20 options if you plan to embed it as an individual poll. Choose the option that best suits you, your question and your audience.
A placement is a 'permanent' module on your site or app where you can effortlessly add new Chant polls or groups without having to update your site. Placements only require code to be added to your site once making them super-simple to update. If you'd like Chant on your homepage, in a consistent sidebar, or in your mobile site's news feed, then placements are for you. Once you have added a Placement to your site you can then rotate Chant polls or groups by simply updating the placement within your Chant account. Your site will update instantly upon saving the change. Give your Placement a name, add a poll or a group and then add the embed or script code where you want Chant to show up on your site.
The default setting for all polls is to allow users to share your polls. This can be changed by clicking the cog icon and using the advanced poll settings to change this per poll. After users vote on a poll they will then be shown the results and an option to share the poll on Facebook or Twitter.
Advanced poll settings allow you to further customise your polls to suit your needs. By default users can be prompted to share after voting on a poll, but this can be switched off. You can set your poll to be closed after a set number of hours after which no votes will be captured. Voting restrictions can be set to a choice of unlimited votes per user or one vote per user. Results can be changed to display either as a percentage or as the total number of votes. Polls can be made private which means they will not be available to other Chant users to add to their groups (this feature is still being rolled out). Tags can be added to polls so that searching for them becomes quicker and easier.